ATJ Labor Consulting, LLC

H2B Recruiting Services

Upon receiving an Approval Notice (I-797B) from USCIS, ATJ Labor Consulting, LLC will assist employer clients with recruiting and setting up appointments for applicants/workers. We will assist in all aspects of consular processing which includes completion of form DS160 for all applicants/workers, organizing and attending all consular appointments as well as logistic support (transportation and notification of applicant/worker arrival at job site).


ATJ Labor Consulting, LLC actively recruits workers in different regions of Mexico. Workers are carefully selected to ensure the best possible match for the employer’s needs. Priority is given to applicants who are referred by other applicants who have successfully completed multiple seasons with US employers and have had no disciplinary issues with their employers or US law enforcement.

Consular Processing

ATJ Labor Consulting, LLC will make the necessary appointments once the proper applicants have been selected. We will also complete the necessary DS-160 applications on behalf of all the workers that have been selected for employment. ATJ Labor Consulting, LLC will have a representative present at the time of the Consular appointment in order to make sure that all applicants have the proper documentation that will allow them to be fingerprinted and interviewed. ATJ Labor Consulting, LLC will also act as an authorized agent of the employer in the event that additional documentation or information from the employer is needed by the US Consulate. Upon worker entry, ATJ Labor Consulting, LLC, will arrange transportation to the jobsite if needed.

It is in this capacity that ATJ Labor Consulting, LLC offers its services to attorneys and employer who use attorneys for their filing. Once the filing attorney has successfully completed the filing and an Approval Notice is granted, we can then register the petition for the employer and complete any necessary Consular processing on the employers behalf. Even if recruitment is not needed because the employer recruits their own workers, ATJ Labor Consulting, LLC can assist with all other aspects of Consular Processing and transportation arrangements. A major benefit in using ATJ Labor Consulting, LLC is that you will be using a US based company that follows regulations set forth by USCIS in regards to recruitment and recruitment procedures.

Any applicant, who is successful in getting a visa issued, has gone through an extensive records check with the US Consulate using NCIS (National Crime Information Center). Data contained in NCIC is provided by the FBI, federal, state, local and foreign criminal justice agencies, and authorized courts. Applicants are then fingerprinted and photo ID by the US Consulate and CBP (Customs and Border Protection).