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H2B Visa
Filing Services

We assist employer clients in the filing process.

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H2B Recruiting

We can handle all your recruiting and setting up appointments for applicants/workers.

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Educate yourself! For your peace of mind we have provided U.S. Government links about the H2B Visa Program.

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We are just a phone call away for more information or a free consultation.

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Call us: (956) 365-3344

Why choose us?

ATJ Labor Consulting, LLC is an H2B Consultant and Recruitment Facilitator, servicing all industries that utilize the H2B Visa Program. We are a full service agency assisting employers and attorneys with filing and/or recruitment efforts. With over 7 years of experience, ATJ Labor Consulting, LLC specializes in the outdoor amusement industry with over 90% of our clients being small to medium sized carnivals. We break down the complicated and confusing H2B process in a way that our clients are able to fully understand and follow it.

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Attorneys... Need a Recruiter?

We can manage your recruiting needs.

It is in this capacity that ATJ Labor Consulting, LLC offers its services to attorneys and employer who use attorneys for their filing.   

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Business utilizing the H2B Program include:

  • Outdoor Amusements Industry (Traveling Carnival-Circus)
  • Landscaping Industry (Landscapers, lawn care-maintenance)
  • Construction Industry
  • Manufacturing Industry
  • Hospitality Industry (maids, cleaning and grounds crew)
  • Any Seasonal Business or Operation


  ATJ Labor has always comes through with our labor needs, they don’t make promises they can’t keep. The best part is dealing directly with Alex, not an assistant or secretary. 
Greg Brooks / Crescent City Amusements Slidell, LA
  We have worked with Alex and ATJ Labor for many years and have always been taken care of in a professional and timely manner. The fact that he answers his call personally goes a long way.   
Rochelle Waknitz / Midwest Rides & Concessions Elk River, MN
  Alex stepped in when we were looking for an honest and dependable agent. We are glad to be working with ATJ Labor Consulting. The quality of workers he has provided for us has been outstanding. We are very happy.  
John Callaway / American Lawn Company Birmingham, AL
  We tell Alex what we need and he gets it done. He makes the process easy for us. No hassle. 
Clint Payne / Fun Time Shows Doniphan, MO
  I can’t imagine working with anyone else but Alex. From day one, he has always been available when I call, no matter what the circumstance… the H2B workers he has provided for us, we now consider family. We couldn’t be happier.   
Pam McDonald / Cowboy Attractions, LLC Ocala, FL
  The service that Alex has provided us over the years has been exceptional. Being a small family carnival, we appreciate the fact that he works with us and understands our needs.  
Jeff Przybyke / Jim’s Rides, INC Lake Charles, LA